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Project Description
Allows DLR expressions to be built with XML, and for that XML to be integrated directly with a XAML layout. Serialize and deserialize DLR expressions to XML.

The name for this project came from my desire to represent XNA games in a purely descriptive XAML-style format. XNA, XAML, XNAML... get it?

This project started with the ability to serialize and deserialize a pure XML representation of an expression tree. Since then, I have included several higher-order language concepts. You can now wrap your expression tree in an "Object" tag to give it the ability to use instance variables and methods. You can load your XML into a DynamicMethod, then assign it to a "dynamic"-typed variable to use your expression like any other object, assigning/retrieving variables and calling method, then save your DynamicMethod back to XML when you are done.

On a more sarcastic note, this project will be my response to those who say that code-behind in your WPF/Silverlight applications is evil, and that everything should be done in the XAML. Well, now you can include code in the XAML. So hah!

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